• Applications open soon!

    We’re really excited about the potential of this programme to unleash positive change both in our industry and in the wider world. The success of the programme starts with the passion of the people who join us. We have twelve places for twelve change agents. Twelve people who will likely be from different agencies, in different roles, from different backgrounds, with different perspectives and different passions. But while each person will be different from the next, they will have three core qualities in common:


    CURIOUS: about new possibilities in the status quo, new ways of working together, new ideas and ways of looking at the world. You aren’t afraid to have your worldview shaken up a bit and in turn to shake things up in your agencies


    GENEROUS: in your ideas, talents and passions. We’re looking for people who are out to pour as much of themselves into their team and their work as possible. People whose first thought is not ‘what can I get out of this’ but ‘what impact might I make here?’


    AMBITIOUS: to rise high but also to take others with you along the journey. You aspire to be a new kind of leader, who sees opportunities where others might see obstacles. You don’t just want to talk about purpose, you want to roll your sleeves up and make it happen


    How do I apply?

    If you would like to join us on the Reclaiming Agency programme in February 2020, you will be required to complete an application form. This should take you no more than a day in total, but we recommend that you write your answers in a separate word document so that you can reflect and come back to them. We’ve created a template you can download below to help you do that, if you wish.


    What happens after applying?

    Once we’ve received your application we’ll be in touch within 2-3 days to arrange an informal coffee or call. During this we’ll share more details about the structure and content of the programme, get a better understanding of what you want to get out of it and help you to secure funding from your agency if necessary. We will then be able to confirm your place on the programme within 2 weeks.


    Applications will be received until the deadline, but places for suitable candidates will be filled on a first come first served basis and are limited to 12 people, so get yours in early.